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Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA

Dr. Derron McLaury

Dr. Derron graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in February of 2023. Dr. Derron is well versed in Rehabilitation, strength and condition, functional movements. 

Growing up and being active his entire life and dealing with his own injuries ranging from mild to severe. Dr. Derron wanted to provide more than just your standard typical chiropractic adjustments and treatment protocols. The experience with working in clinical settings and providing rehabilitation exercises and treatments showed decreased overall treatment time and quicker return to activities. 

The combination of spinal adjustments with active rehabilitation shows that with in conjunction with each other to improve functionality, mobility, reduce pain, and increase strength with coordination. Our goal at Apex Sport and Spine is to educate our patients, empower them, and have the ability to better their own health. Our clinicians not only live an active lifestyle, but also preach it!

As a Rehabilitation Chiropractor based in Vancouver, WA, I am here to provide expert treatments to reduce pain, improve function, and address complex mobility issues that may be causing discomfort and limiting your overall wellness. Reach out to me for effective solutions that can help you overcome pain and enjoy a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Apex Sport & Spine is proud to announce our highly anticipated Chiropractic Rehabilitation, specially designed for active individuals like you. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, or just someone who loves staying active, this company is perfect for anyone looking to revitalize and optimize their performance.


 I personally have years of experience working with athletes and active individuals, helping them recover from injuries, prevent future ones, and enhance their overall performance.

You will gain valuable insights into the power of chiropractic rehabilitation and how it can improve your athletic abilities. Our knowledgeable will cover a wide range including:

  • Understanding the biomechanics of the body

  • Identifying and preventing common sports injuries

  • Optimizing athletic performance through chiropractic care

  • Rehabilitation techniques for various injuries

  • Strategies to enhance flexibility, strength, and agility

  • Nutrition tips for active individuals

  • Mental preparation and goal-setting

Key Features of My Clinic

Feature: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) teaches us how to move like babies. 

Benefit: This helps us fix how we move, learn to stabilize and stop getting hurt when we play or do activities.

Feature: Chiropractic rehabilitation uses exercises and special movements to help our bodies feel better.

Benefit: It helps our muscles and bones work well, so we can move without pain and play our favorite games easily.

Feature: IASTM uses special tools to make our muscles feel better.

Benefit: It helps to remove bumps and sore spots in our muscles, making them smoother and less painful so we can move and play without discomfort.

Feature: MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) is like a special puzzle game for fixing body pains.

Benefit: It helps us learn exercises that stop body hurts and make us feel better so we can keep playing and having fun without pain.

Feature: Nerve flossing is like giving a gentle stretch and wiggle to our body's "electric wires" (nerves).

Benefit: It helps our nerves move freely and not feel squeezed, so we don't get that tingly or painful feeling, allowing us to move and play without discomfort.

Feature: SFMA (Selective functional Movement Assessment)  is like a cool test that checks how well our bodies move and bend.

Benefit: It helps find out why our body moves funny or feels uncomfortable, so we can do exercises that fix it and move better without any problems.

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